The Cologne Christmas Market

Every year, little elves add a magical touch to Cologne’s Old Town with the city’s largest Christmas market and a spectacular ice rink.
The market offers a wide range of speciality items, handicrafts and gifts.

Its over 100 stalls are split into different themed laneways and piazzas stretching across Alter Markt and Heumarkt.

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Ice skating in the heart of Cologne

Every year, arguably Germany’s finest open-air ice rink thrills skaters from all over the world.

Set amongst the magical atmosphere of the Christmas market, its more than 100-m-long straights and circumnavigation of the imposing horseman statue are a source of ice-skating enjoyment for young and old. The rink always remains open well into January.

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Thrilling team experiences

Ice stock sport is social, exciting and offers unparalleled fun – a team sport that will ensure endless enjoyment at both family gatherings at Christmas parties.

The ice stock rinks are part of the spectacular ice landscape that is the ‘Heinzels Wintermärchen’ Christmas market. And players can recharge their batteries with delicious drinks at the neighbouring Allgäuer Büble Alpe. Anyone wanting to secure a rink for their team should book as early as possible.

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Handicrafts up close

From wood carvers to blacksmiths to confectioners – artisans from all over Europe are only too happy to showcase their skills.

You can even watch many masters of their art live in action. A veritable paradise for anyone looking for unique gift ideas! Most of the artisans can be found in the artisan laneway (‘Handwerkergasse’) at Alter Markt.

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Culinary delights at the Christmas market

The little elves are big fans of good food. And they particularly like traditional and regional specialities prepared fresh and with lots of love. From freshly baked strudels, waffles and apple pancakes to traditional Handbrot, potato fritters and flame-grilled salmon, the market has all your culinary needs perfectly covered. The food and snacks alleys (‘Futter- und Naschgasse’) in particular are a real haven for foodies…

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An interactive world for children

Calling all children! ‘Heinzels Wintermärchen’ Christmas market has loads to explore and discover.

Here you can mould your own candy canes, forge a horseshoe bearing your name, write a wish-list at the Christmas Post Office, take a ride on the Ferris wheel or historic carousel, go ice skating and much more.


Whether it be a spectacular ice dance, live music, jugglers or artists, unique and extraordinary experiences are guaranteed at the ‘Heinzels Wintermärchen’ Christmas market.

Because the little elves (Heinzelmännchen) have a great zest for life, and love delighting people. Visitors can look forward to many different highlights well into January.

Cologne’s brownies

For ages the brownies have lived in the Old Town of Cologne. They have become popular because of the famous poem written by August Kopisch in 1836.

According to the legend, they have been helping lazy craftsmen in the Old Town of Cologne at night with their work - until one day the noisy wife of a tailor discovered the little helpers and banished them. For Heinzels winter fairytale only they return every year and transform the Old Town into a wonderful winter wonderland.